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Michael Pettis on China Slowdown

September 19, 2015
  • Michael Pettis has been writing about China for years. Looking for a sustained slowdown.
  • Sees little correlation between the stock market and real economy.
  • GDP growth target needs to fall below 7%. Lowering the growth target actually suggests confidence in economic transition.
  • Privatization steps crucial.

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David Woo on China Devaluation

September 4, 2015

David Woo presents some insightful views on why China must devalue. Woo is one of the more market-savvy Street pundits.

  • 7-day REPO rates remain elevated
  • China selling US Treasuries
  • Selling USD to defend¬†Yuan
  • Ultimately, China must let the currency go to stimulate and engage in China-QE


David Woo China Video


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