Republic Airways (RJET) Returns to Profitability – The Airlines Aren’t All Disappearing

November 8, 2011

Republic Airways is an airline holding company based in Indianapolis which owns a number of regional airlines, including; Chatauqua Air, Frontier, Lynx Aviation, Midwest Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Shuttle America. The company also operated fixed-fee flights operated under airline partners such as Delta Connection, United Express and US Air Express. Republic Airways operates in a number of cities which aren’t major airport hubs such as Columbus, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St Louis.

  • Republic reported EPS of $0.40 (ex-special items) which was well ahead of consensus estimates of $0.24.
  • The current quarter marked a return to profitability after two quarters of losses.
  • The market was concerned with near-term liquidity just last month sending the share price to the $2s.
  • The return to profitability today has led to a 56% rally in the shares which now trade at $4.25.
  • Republic’s restructuring programs are making progress as operating margins improved while sale grew 8%.

Based on the current run-rate in earnings, the company will earn over $1 per share and could be set to rally back towards $8 (which is on the low end of many street price targets).

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10 Responses to Republic Airways (RJET) Returns to Profitability – The Airlines Aren’t All Disappearing

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